New installation after resetting the PC

Hello brave,

I have 3 phones and 2 PCs.
I logged the same uphold account on my phone(s) and PC.
I need to reset my computer since I already connected my uphold wallet (same account ) max up to 4 devices.

So after resetting the PC. Can I reconnect my uphold wallet to the browser. Will it work because I already connected to max up to 4 devices.

If it will not work please help me with how I can fix this.

Unfortunately, Uphold limits you to four devices per lifetime, and disconnecting a device doesn’t restore one of those allotments. This is set by Uphold, not by Brave. Your only option is to wait until Brave starts allowing users to use a Gemini wallet instead of Uphold. And currently there is no way to preserve your existing BAT on your PC except to transfer it to Uphold before you reset your computer.

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