New i pad sync to my laptop rewards

how can see bat earned on ipad?
also where is add setings and how to turn off auto tips?

Click on the triangle button on the search bar. There you’ll see two balances. The one saying Your balance is for the previous month payouts. The current earnings is for the current month earnings. It resets next month and when payments start processibg on the 8th, they are given to you in your balance.

Also I’m not sure if you actually can even use rewards, as Brave had o stop rewards for iOS because Brave complies with the iOS guidelines put forth by Apple.
DO NOTE you should be able to do rewards on MacOS since Apple doesn’t say anything about it yet

triangle button on ipad brave ads on off and thanks for tiping
triangle button on laptop 18.43 bat and near bottom 8.19 september payment on its way so am i geting bat rewards from the ipad did i sync it right unkown

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