So where do you actually check your total BAT?

With 1.27 update they changed the display and that confused a lot of people, myself included. Now it shows my BAT earnings this month, which is a bit lower than I had in total - I’ve started just recently, at the end of June actually - so where do I check my total now?


Same here, I had more than 100 BAT awaiting, and now I’m only seeing the current month earnings.

It’s ok with the new label, but what about all the older BATs ?
How can we see and claim them ?

You had more than 100 BAT earned in a month? That doesn’t sound right…

Which display are you referring to? You should still be able to see your estimated earnings on the New Tab Page (provided you haven’t hidden that widget), and also in your brave://rewards page. The latter also shows current BAT balance (at the top-right). You may need to reconnect Brave to Uphold, if you have rewards there as well. Otherwise those will not be reflected in your balance on the Brave Rewards page at brave://rewards. I hope this helps!

It appears that ome people haven’t gotten their BAT added to their Brave Rewards wallet in months.

100 earned in 1.5 year

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That sounds like it would be unrelated to this issue.

Ah, thank you for clarifying. So this was not in estimated earnings, but rather in your balance already. And your balance dropped to 0 after an update? Have you noticed any other data issues with Brave since then, such as missing history, bookmarks, etc.?

The concern is that people had BAT accumulating for several months or more in their pending rewards, but now the pending rewards reflects only the current month’s earnings. They are worried that they will never be paid the outstanding amount from previous months. That’s the reason for the OP’s question.

they were in estimated earnings, but the counter was not returning to 0, like it does now with the update.

But I earned these BAT, month by month.

So the question is : How to retrieve this amount now the update is showing only this month earnings ?

Estimated Earnings was always meant to show previous month’s earnings. But if users don’t claim those rewards (via the claim button routinely displayed in Brave’s UI), then problems arise. It’s important to always claim rewards when they become available, or as soon as possible. For verified users, rewards are auto-deposited into their associated custodial wallet. For anonymous users, they must manually claim past rewards.

Please go to brave://rewards, and see if you have any Claim buttons to click (at top-right of the page). If not, send over a private message to proceed with a deeper review of your case.

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I don’t find anything to claim right now… and my reward account is now showing $9 ($50 were appearing in the monthtly earns before the update)

Looking forward to exploring this further via private message. Thanks!

I myself have never had an issue, but I know that many people either never receive the “claim” button (even with an unverified wallet), or they receive an error message when they attempt to claim their rewards. @Yann214 may be one of them.

To whom should the PM be addressed for further review?

There are quite a few of us (Brave team members) here on the site. I’m happy to look into your case, @Yann214. Inability to claim is rarely a persistent issue; could be due to service or connectivity problems (which are typically short-lived). I’m happy to review your case further though, and see to it we do everything in our ability to ensure the integrity of your experience.

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Yes, I never had my 100 BAT (50$) to claim in my reward panel…
I claimed all I found and my reward account is now at 9 BAT (5$)

Happy to review further via direct message. Please send at your convenience.

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