New cookies management on Brave beta

Yes, these were removed intentionally to get rid of redundancies. I believe we are also working on a hotfix so that the changes made in Shields are all reflected on that page (brave://settings/cookies) and easy to view.

You can still accomplish what you need to with Shields. For example, if you want to eliminate the possibility of being tracked entirely, from the first time you land on the site, I’d recommend the following:

  1. In Brave, change your Global Shields default (brave://settings/shields) value for Cookies to All — this will block all cookies on all sites by default (this is optional, Brave already blocks cross-site cookies by default, but this way you’ll be able to block everything initially and then pick and choose which sites you’d like to allow cookies on, as described below).

  2. For sites that you trust and want to allow cookies on, simply go to the URL, open the Shields panel and change the cookie setting to Allow all cookies or Block cross-site cookies (depending on your preference). Changes made in the Shields panel while on a particular website are applied only to that website and will persist.

  3. Unfortunately there is no per-site “clear on exit” option. However, there is a close approximation. For sites that you’d like to clear your data for when it’s closed, open the Shields panel and toggle the Forget me when I close this site option “on”. Now any data stored on the webpage your on will be deleted once the tab is closed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.