When shields are down Facebook and Twitter cookies are tracking me to everwhere!

When shields are down I see that Facebook and Twitter cookies are tracking me to every website I visit. Also a bunch of other cookies I don’t recognize such as adsrvr.org, bat.bing.com, and so on. Should I just block all the cookies I don’t recognize? Using the icon left of the URL? Sometimes there are 80 or over 100 cookies when you visit a website with the shields down. How do I know when they are important?

This issue be reproduced/seen by the icon to the left of the URL under cookies.

Windows 10 and latest Brave Browser.

Please supply a screenshot of: “the icon to the left of the URL under cookies”


Websites which are verified with Brave, immediately after they complete to download; at the top right corner of them, you shall see a blue dot circle within it, it has a white good mark,

That’s because Brave Shields’ cookies settings affect Brave’s cookies settings. You can easily check that doing the following:

  1. Type brave://settings/shields in the address bar.
  2. Change Cookie blocking to All or Disabled.

After you have set Cookie blocking to All or Disabled do the following:

  1. Type brave://settings/cookies in the address bar.
  2. Check how Brave’s cookies settings will be either Allow all cookies or Block all cookies (not recommended).

Long story short: when you disable Brave Shields, you tell websites that they are allowed to send you all of their cookies, along with all third-party cookies.

I made Brave developers aware of this behavior in the Github report below, but can’t tell you whether anything will change anytime soon.

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