Can Brave stop be being asked about cookies?

I don’t want to be tracked, but I also want to stop every website and sometimes every webpage within a website I visit from asking me to “allow all” or “select my preferences”. It takes far too much time and effort to load a webpage, only allow the functional ones, and having to deal with all these other cookies.

I appreciate that all that is within the control of the websites, but is the Brave browser the solution to stop being asked all that in the first place? Or if do a one-click “allow all”, can Brave still override this and stop all the cookies and the trackers in the background?

How do you all visit websites on your mobile without being lumbered with cookies?



A. Cookies: Are very important for web browsing. Site uses them to save your passwords and site preferences. If you disable them, they’ll ask to enter password when you log in evry time! The default is to allow them but to disable third-party cookies

  1. open Brave settings by clicking the three dots at bottom right,
    2.Click on settings,
    3.Click on site settings,
    4.Click on cookies,
    5.Choose allow.

B. notifications: the steps are similar to cookies. Set Brave to allow notifications as they are necessary to receive ads.

Hi CerealLover,

I don’t have passwords or accounts with 99% of the websites I visit, and I don’t need to save any site preferences with them. In the 1% of websites where I want it to save my password, it would be good if I could allow that cookie, but it’s no big deal for me to manually enter my username and password.

I have followed your instructions but there is no “site settings” option under settings.

I’m not entirely clear how I would achieve what I have asked through your answer though. If we sort out which option in settings to set, are you saying I will achieve what I want, which is to no longer being asked to set preferences on websites?

@Norfolk ,

Site Settings

Using Brave Browser, visit a website; use Brave Community as an example:

Right-click on the Padlock icon that is at the left end of the URL address field.

At the bottom of the lengthy pop-down menu, select Site Settings

Notice the URL address that is in the resulting window’s URL address field:


You can change the trailing domain characters (, to, for example:

. . . resulting in the Site Settings for

The Site Settings that you see, via this method, are the result of settings that you approved/set elsewhere in:

  • Brave Browser > Settings

  • Brave Browser [site specific] Shields (Lion icon) panels

  • the pop-down menu that results from the right-click on the padlock icon, mentioned above.

I think the solution is:

  • go to brave://adblock/
  • enable Fanboy Annoyances List
  • reload website in question

Note: not all sites will work but you can always report it here for the mods like @fanboynz to update the adblock.

sample site in my test:
annoyance list OFF vs. ON:

(cookie prompt no more)

@IanMoone ,

Confirmation of your steps 1 and 2, but not step 3. Instead of a reload of the web page, I had to Exit/Quit Brave Browser . . . and Start Up Brave Browser (v1.37.116 / Mac OS).

did it work?
I have no Mac so I can only give results in windows PC

How do I “right click” on the padlock when on a mobile?

When you say ‘go to’, do you mean on the url? When I put that in I just get search results about ad blockers.

yes paste that as url like so:

Hmm, all I get if I paste it exactly as shown in the url field are search results for Brave and adblocker terms.

@Norfolk ,

If you have a Bluetooth mouse, that would work - (BIG) IF . . . the padlock icon can successfully be Right-Clicked on a mobile device.

Presently, that Right-Click the padlock icon ability does not exist for iPhones (iOS) but might for iPadOS?

Uncertain, re Android devices.

So I am doing all this on my iphone. It looks like I am forever to be annoyed by cookie questions and slide buttons - no for analytics, no for performance, no for marketing, no for anything which doesn’t just give me a darned simple webpage without tracking my every move!

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