Cookie whitelist

A cookie whitelist feature, so you can delete all cookies with the already build in feature, but whitelist the sites you visit frequently


Welcome to Community @Maltemand :slight_smile: Thanks for putting in your request, we’ll give it some consideration!

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I really like Brave browser to have this feature. Currently I am using cookie autodelete solely for this purpose.


I absolutely second. This would be the single most useful new feature. Especially useful if frequently visiting sites with two factor authentication - it is quite tedious to go through the process every time after cookie swipe.


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I third this. I’m so tired of reauthenticating my identity when I’m using 2FA. I have it enabled on any account that supports it.

We need to make a cookie management section, to cover all the different feature requests.

From what I’ve gathered, there are three primary goals, which could be addressed with the introduction of two shields, and a global whitelist settings to manage all cookies without navigating to the particular site.

  1. Manage cookies on a per-site basis, effectively blocking everything by default, and only whitelisting what you need. This would be another toggle switch in the brave shield menu, but your whitelist could be managed in settings, so you can quickly modify all sites and view your list.

  2. Introduction of a Private Browsing Shield, so that you can have two shields. Perhaps in regular mode, you don’t block cookies, but your private shield settings block all cookies by default, as well as Javascript. This gives people flexibility for their settings depending on the type of window.

  3. Introduce a whitelist, with auto-delete preferences. In a global settings tab, we’d have a list of preferences for managing cookies. Able to delete after a certain period of time, or after closing the app. Could have global delete settings, or different deletion settings for whitelisted sites. Maybe you want to clear email cookies every month, so you don’t login too frequently, but then have other sites clear daily.

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