Requesting a dark mode FOR THIS COMMUNITY


Are you sure this is the right place?
Ohhhh YES!

This area is for posting feedback about, not any of our products.
That’s where I want it.

Perhaps you would like to try ?
No, I know what I’m doing, right here and right now (not always, but this time I do)!

Would it be much effort to make a dark theme / dark mode FOR THIS COMMUNITY / FORUM?
There are people around who have troubles with high brightness. There were lots of requests for a “dark mode for Brave” but the latest one made me think: What if a part of these people really want a dark mode for this community in the first place? It HAS a bright white background, indeed.

So, I hereby suggest & request:

  • Make the default background of this community darker, say, 80% white (#CCCCCC) instead of 100% white (#FFFFFF) - this should be easy.
  • Let members choose their own background color out of a few gray ones once they are logged in - that would take more effort, don’t know how much.

Maybe the number of requests for a “Dark mode” will go down then :smiley:


Has the dark theme been disabled?

Looping in @Mattches for this request - he’s our Brave User Support Guru :slight_smile:



Hmm, well… if someone were to implement a new Community design or theming options for Brave, I be they’d want to do some other general site improvements as well…

In theory, they might also want to improve site organization as well, to make it clearer for users as to where and how to post/look for their issues and easier for support, QA, and other Brave team members to respond/track reports and feedback…

…I bet they may want to coordinate it with some other big change or design shift happening at the company too, increasing brand consistency and fostering a cohesive experience between the product and it’s related resources.

This is all hypothetical of course :wink:



I’m in agreement that it would be nice to be able to choose a dark mode when spending time in the Community here. I definitely prefer & gravitate to experiences that don’t subject me to lots of bright coming at me and always select a dark mode or where color choices are an option, set those accordingly.
So, add me to the list of those desiring an option for a Dark Mode for the Community too.



Haha! Yay.! Thank you… We’ve now got Dark Mode.!
Thank you Brave.! ty ty ty
sweet sweet sweet!

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