Never received BAT since February 9th


I have not recieved any BAT since the last deposit on February 9th.

I have around 4 or close to 5 BAT in my browser that then suddenly disappeared at the beginning of March, I assumed this was because of the payment to my verified Uphold count but nothing has appeared.

I did try private messaging Steeven but am yet to have a response.


Please be patient as @steeven has a high volume of similar requests.

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Okay, ill leave it another few days as it was only 4 days ago.

Hi @deanosauruzrex, I don’t see a DM from you. I’ll send you one now.

Odd, i sent two but thank you.

Same here no bat for me in feb n mar

Same here as well sir @steeven and @Mattches please look upon it here as well
Please let me know the DM format as well so as to reach you out sir.

@Bruhmomentium DM stands for direct message. Click on @steeven 's name and select “Message” in the upper right.

Oh @rosiecar you are such smart man! All my life I never knew what DM even means😂. For God sake read! I wrote there what’s they format of putting DM not finding that DM button lol.

In such cases, you typically want to @ Support with these details:

even I not got my payment. on Brave publisher it’s showing payment done but not received in uphold account. please do something I have posted screenshots in my post

@jboyrcks Send a DM to @steeven with the information specified in @saereV 's post above.

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