Never have been able to successfully claim rewards

I am using Brave on both my PC and my S21 Ultra. My pc version works fine, but my mobile version is having issues. I have received the option to claim my rewards, but when i do it just sits there spinning indefinitely, never completing. As a result, i still have 0 BAT rewards after months of use. Seems to be the same problem as I Can’t Claim Ads reward on Brave Android version, which was never answered.

Here are few things you can try-

  1. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version
  2. Go to brave://rewards and claim your rewards here
  3. Go to brave://flags and change any feature from Default to Enabled and then back to Default. This will prompt to relaunch the browser. Do that and then try to claim your rewards.

Do post an update if this works out for you.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

My browser must have known i posted a topic on here because it seriously started working a few hours after i posted. For the first time in months i can see BAT rewards!

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