Needed help to find where the source code of the implementation of the Title bar is present

Hello everyone, i had a problem while working on brave code, I want to change the ui of the title bar and if possible hide the brave title bar and allow only the system title bar to be visible. Where can i find the ui and other implementation of the Title Bar in the source code, i tried a lot to find it but wasn’t able to, it would be great if someone could help me.

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Let me see if I can snag one of our developers to answer this here.

Hi @Nikhil7174

This is definitely going to be a difficult task - maybe I can help point you the right direction. First, I’m guessing you’re on Linux? Windows doesn’t have the titlebar and I’m not sure the macOS one can be hidden.

Our code is built on top of Chromium - meaning our repository only has the differences. If you clone and initialize the repo, it’ll pull down the entire Chromium repo also. We do overrides and patch in our own code.

We don’t change the window appearance, like with titlebar (we do change tab look/feel). We inherit the behavior and look from Chromium. This means you’ll need to look into the Chromium code itself. The best place to start is with the code search tool:

There are wrappers around the window handling and events that abstract it for each platform. I would recommend signing up for the Chromium Slack:

There you can join the #linux channel and ask for more info


Hi @clifton thankyou for replying back. To be more specific i wanted to know how the brave team was able to add this brave logo in the title bar when the create profile window(whose using brave) is open as when i was last working on the brave code approx 3 months ago it wasn’t present there. Can you point to the source code for that change. And yes i am talking about linux only, sorry for not mentioning it above and yes I verified that both in windows and macos title bar is not visible by default.

Plus it was really amazing to see that the chrome logo present in the hamburger settings menu was also finally replaced by the brave logo.

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