Need to clean install Brave

I need to reinstall Brave. It has been a really crappy experience this year, and not it is unbearable. It crashes constantly.

For some reason, I can’t verify with Gemini anymore, and I would need to export the wallet.

Any info how could I do that manually is appreciated. - The browser itself seems to force external services which do not work.

brave://version/ find profile path then backup the entire folder

Thank you. After I reinstall, I just copy the old profile over the new one?

Backing up only the Profile folders is not enough, it will lead to problems in Rewards.

@prase this is a better solution please follow this one

But what if the issue is exactly with the profile? Can I fix the profile itself?

What do you mean is your profile flagged?

About your first concern on Gemini verify… they increased geo limitations recently.

Is your country supported?

Well, my country is not on the list. What kind of crap is this?? I can’t do anything now. :frowning:

Isn’t Uphold available for you?

What is the actual issue you’re encountering that is leading you to believe that you need to reinstall the browser?

@g00z Unfortunately not, I tried it. It says it is unavailable.

@Mattches The browser crashes more or less constantly and it annoys me like hell.

But the crashes don’t happen in a new profile?

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