Need help with my brave functionalities

I’m triyng to link my brave rewards with my uphold wallet but every time i try to do this the Brave page acuse an error and say they can only do that to verifies acounts(in my case as a brazilian means submit my rg) i already did that and enter in contact with Uphold, and they say thats everythinhg in place, so must be a problem in the Brave plataform, waiting for contact :slight_smile:

@Diieyooung Others have shared similar issue. For each of them, the problem is even though Uphold claimed they were verified, their Uphold profile did not show them as such. What caused the problem is they did not have their Address and everything completed. Please visit and Log In, after which go to and view your profile. Make sure it has all your information listed and then on the bottom that it actually says Verified on and has a date under Verification.

So what can i do to resolve this? i try to submit a request a couple times by now, and even though i try to create an account on Gemini they ask me my passport, with i don’t have, i need to reset my computer but i’m not doing that cos of my BAT

@Diieyooung The step is to check where I just asked you to look in the last post. We need you to go to Uphold’s website and Log In to your account. Then check your profile to see if you have all your information (address, date of birth, etc) completely filled out and that on the bottom it shows if your account is Verified. If it is, then it will say so and which date it was done.

Uphold can have gone through and approved your account, but it won’t show fully in place for Brave unless that info is there. I’m not going to ask for a screenshot or anything as it will have really personal information, but please go look and make sure it has everything done.

Yes, that’s because of AML/KYC that most governments require. You also should have been required to show this for Uphold when you created that account.

There are other options. Check PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers, especially the portion entitled I'm getting a new device, how do I backup my BAT/information? OR I need to reinstall, how do I save my BAT/information?

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