I'm not able to verify my account with Uphold

I’m in Brazil, but I’m not able to verify my account with Uphold. Uphold support told me that Brave does not verify accounts from Brazil.

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Brazil is supported for connecting Rewards to Uphold accounts at this time. Did you use a Brazil ID document when you did ID verification with Uphold? Your Uphold account country is determined by the ID document you used. For example, if you used a Brazil passport, then you are considered Brazil. If you used an Indian passport, then you are considered India.

I’m Brazilian, I’m in Brazil, I used an ID from Brazil, which was “apparently” approved by Uphold. I say “apparently” because I can’t send another ID when I log into the account, I’m talking to Uphold support, waiting for their confirmation that my ID is verified.

I can’t transfer my BAT that I won in brave to Uphold. This message appears (below) for me.
Error: You must have a verified account to log in
Please try again after completing ID verification on Uphold.

I can’t do this using Brave Creators either, as the message below appears
Cannot create Uphold connection. Please complete Uphold’s account verification process and try again.

can you upload the screenshot of the error

this is in portuguese, but i translated it in the other message

this is the uphold screen

Did you create an uphold account before 14th November (unsupported region) or have completed its KYC before 14th November? If yes then in this case you will need to submit Proof of Funds to Uphold which is a part of KYC to link you with Brave reward. ThankS

yes, i created the account before 14th november.
How do I send proof of funds to Uphold?

This is not correct. Your address needs to be your complete mailing address. It can’t just be “Rio Grande do sul, Brazil”

I’ll have to use United States format for example. But yours is like saying “Orlando, FL United states” or “Florida, United States”

What you need to have is:
123 Somewhere St Orlando, FL 32789

I forget if need United States as well, so I did United States after that.

If it’s not an exact mailing address where a letter could arrive to your door, then it won’t be accepted. That’s likely your issue.

Uphold has your documents and would be content, saying you’re verified. But the API that communicates between Brave and Uphold doesn’t share that. Brave’s back end computers only knows little bits. So having the Profile complete is very important.

thanks you very much, I managed to transfer the BATs.

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