Necessary Features&fixes for Brave browser!

Hello,I recently transitioned to Brave browser after 1 year of testing Opera. And i must say there are quite a few significant things that need added or changed.
For me and many others it’s all about multitasking and saving time when browsing so these changes are only cosmetic but have a powerful impact in user experience.

  1. Clicking the top of a tab needs to take me to the start of the page ![its very simple,easy and saves me a lot of time, instead of looking for the tiny scroll bar on the right ]
    2.Speed Dial!!
    -i know there are many extensions in google store for this but they are all third party,clunky and need very dubious permissions most of the time. The optics of the entire start page will significantly improve ,specially when there’s so much free space left out there for nothing.Not to mention how easy and fast it will make the whole browsing experience.
    3.Picture in picture
    -needs a small semi-transparent button at the top of the videos
    -the pop-up size shouldn’t be limited to a very small-medium square/rectangle.We should be able to resize it as much as we want and it makes a tremendous difference

4.The mute-tab button needs to be placed on the left side! I accidentally closed tabs so many times when i just wanted to mute them.Please fix it!

These are not major changes in my opinion and will significantly improve the whole experience.

Thanks for creating a secure and safe browsing environment!
Have a wonderful day!

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