My website still shows as not yet verified



I have verified my website

But when I visit my website, still it shows as not yet verified. How much time it will take to update my website as verified?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @CryptoRivista,
It may take ~24 hours before it get updated on your Brave (when Brave fetch the latest list).

You can check it using other computer as well. But, since you’re already verify your site, then it should be OK. :slightly_smiling_face:


I added my web site about January 8th, but it still tells me not verified (((( I was also sent the mail with this content: Congratulations! You are now a verified Brave publisher. Brave users will see a verified symbol next to your website domain.


I’m having the exact same issue. It has been over 24 hours and on the brave publisher side it shows as verified. But when I go to the website it still says not verified. Someone notified me that they tipped me, and that it is saying not verified to them too, so it isn’t just me.


@CryptoRivista @crossed it’s a known issue that only affects some users. So there’s a chance that other users will see it properly.

The team is working to fix it. Apologize for the inconveniences. :slightly_smiling_face:


i am having the same issue: have completed verification process, updated website with plug-in, but site shows as not verified.

(see )

i understand that your team is working to fix a problem for @cryptorivista and @crossed. will that fix all pending verifications?

also: how long does site verification normally take?


Apparently it usually happens within a day. Mine still isn’t showing as verified on the website, so hopefully they figure it out soon.


@mburgermeister it’s a bug where Brave not display the status correctly. Not the verification itself. Once you done added your site/channel, then it should be OK/verified.

And like I said above, it’s only affect some users. Your site is OK on my end. :wink:


Just adding to the data pool on this (no need for a response – it sounds like you all are working on the bug). I got confirmation that my sites were verified, my wallet’s all properly configured, but when I visit a site in the browser (try to tip, etc.) they are not showing as verified.


Just a shout out to all the devs – this entire project is incredible.


The website was also not verified but after some time it got verified.

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