My Uphold wallet doesn’t connect with Brave Rewards

I receive a message “Error: Limited Uphold account functionality, According to Uphold…” and with only an option to Close the window.
This happens when I try to connect the Brave Rewards to the Uphold wallet. But I have registered for both (Uphold and Brave) in the same country. Is it mandatory to choose a country? All this issue is happening on my cellphone (Android). But it works perfectly on my computer. Also, both accounts are verified. How do solve this annoying issue?

Answer to that is kind of detailed on my FAQ you can read at PSA: Current FAQ - #17 by Saoiray

Yes. You can’t even get far enough to connect to Uphold or anything without choosing a country.

Guessing you’re just connected from prior attempt on your computer? Because if both are trying to connect to Uphold, you should get the same message. It’s Uphold that is limiting your account.

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