Unable to connect to Uphold wallet through Brave


I can’t associate mo, Wallet Uphold with BRAVE, it tells me that my uphold account is limited and that I have to do something on my account. But there is nothing wrong with my account. This happened when I wanted to connect my wallet to the Brave Android app. because before it was working fine. what should I do?


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Refer to above steps

ok, thanks, but I didn’t change any of that… I just wanted to connect my wallet to the Brave android app on my phone.

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Still do give it a try I guess. That has worked for a whole lotta users so of course worth a try!

So what do I have to do? Sorry, I’m French and I may have a little trouble understanding the meaning of the sentences

Basically. If you have a crypto balance in Uphold, then try withdrawing it. We actually won’t withdraw it.
Once you initiate it → it’ll ask for a verification through selfie → upload selfie using phone / laptop camera → usually gets done within a few seconds.

I’m not sure I understand. You want me to withdraw my crypto balance, because I have a limited account? It’s just when I want to connect it to Brave that it tells me that. Shouldn’t I wait 24 hours before doing anything? Thanks for your help!

That is correct. But we are just gonna try a withdrawal. We actually won’t be doing a withdrawal. When you attempt a withdrawal that’s only when this limited functionality selfie verification pops up. There’s nothing on emails or app notifications where you can do this. So you’ll have to attempt a withdrawal

Great it worked!!! thanks a lot for your help!


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