Can't verify my brave wallets

Anyone can advise what should I do about verifying brave wallets
I have got 2 Brave beta and 2 Brave nightly installed on 2 different mobile phones ,all of them with more than 15 BAT,but can’t verify them with Uphold because I have reached the maximum limit.
I have another 2 Brave which are already verified with Uphold.,but those 4 will not allow me to verify.
Anyone please advise what to do


Hi and welcome :smile:

Hopefully you were able to find this information in the time between posting and now. There are several topics about this on the forum. I’m including this information just in case you still have an issue.

Currently, there is a four slot lifetime limit on the number of devices. You can free up one slot by following these instructions:

Still can’t verify a brave wallet ,even though I submitted the form.
I got the reply back from the team saying it’s been processed, but unfortunately still can’t verify another brave wallet. Same issue" you have reached the device limit".

Also, they were saying that this limit will no longer be in place from March, so it’s good news.

Great you got some feedback already. There is a new self-serve wallet linking slot management tool that is supposed to be implemented sometime in March. But, just in case, it couldn’t hurt to submit via old method until implemented. :smiley:

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