My transaction is stuck in "processing" for over 4 months... and won't cancel, not cool!

I have a transaction that has been stuck in “processing” for over 4 months, how can I get the transaction released? It won’t cancel nor will it speed up…

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Are you talking about the Transaction in Uphold or where?

Sending… when sending, it just sits there “processing” it won’t speed up or cancel.


Can you send a screenshot of it?

OMG that’s ages ago.

I thought you were talking about Uphold but this is the integrated Wallet, and I don’t have any experience with it.

@Mattches @Rethanis @steeven Do you guys have any clue on whats happening?

I certainly don’t, I’ve never used Brave Rewards in the first place, never been interested in it :smiley:

Can you please fill out all the information requested in the template please?

I wouldn’t be asking if I knew… it’s pretty greazy though - they need to have answers and fixes.

send me a link… this is all too cloak-and-daggar for my tastes personally.

@Eyezwide Here it is-

This is also visible when you create a new topic.

I will go through it and see if I can fill out the appropriate template.

Just go to the #brave-rewards:rewards-support category, click New topic and then fill out what appears in your editor.