My publisher account can't re-authorize with Uphold

Dear Brave!

My publishers account cannot re-authorize with Uphold

Hope Brave will help me check, I sincerely thank you very much

Hi @hoangviet90, what country are you based in?

Hi! @steeven My country is Japan

For Japan based accounts, you will need to link a Paypal account. Uphold is not authorized.

How to link with Paypal account? You help me !!!

Dear @steeven! I have linked a PayPal account already, like 8 months ago. It is also connected to a Japanese bank. Still, I haven´t received ANY payments in the last 8 months. In fact, no payment was made at all, although I set up everything correctly. Brave apparently doesn´t recognize that the account is set up correctly. I have been posting about this at least 3 times (I even posted screenshots about the connected accounts), and I have been commenting on other people´s posts as well. Nobody seems to get their payment. I know that it´s not easy to make everything smooth around Brave, but this is an issue that must be addressed. I like using Brave, but this problem has been bugging me and many others long enough. Action needed. Thanks in advance.

@hoangviet90 You need to set your browser´s language to Japanese and then log in into your creator´s account. The PayPal option should pop up. You can link an account and be sure that your PapPal is connected to a Japanese bank as well. Still, after doing all this, I don´t think that you will receive any payments at all. I have never got payed and I set up my account 8 months ago. Good luck to you though, you might succeed.

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@Bahanarotu - what’s the email linked to your account? What country are you based in? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for replying. My mail address is and I am located in Japan.
Also, as I log in into my creator account (browser language set in Japanese or English) I can see like 295 BAT, but also “YEN unavailable”, so the amount is not shown in YEN.

Thank you in advance, any help is much appreciated.

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