Payment to a publisher in Japan

Hello. Does anyone in Japan receive payment to Paypal? I have verified everything and done all 3 months ago but still have not received the payment. My Paypal is completely working properly

If I cannot receive payment via Paypal, is there any other way to receive payment? @steeven

I think this is a very big mistake by Brave for payments to the Japanese community. I see a lot of people who don’t receive payment through Paypal. This we need Brave to fix the error and pay us. Or you can add a new payment option. I have been waiting for 4 months now but have not received any payment. The publisher program is nearing its end, and the work we have made for you has not been received over the years. Please have a plan to help us @steeven @Aa-ron

@Aa-ron I see you still active. Please answer me. The support team is inefficient

Does the Brave community have anyone in Japan ever received money back to Paypal?

I ask are you working? You are very irresponsible at work. I haven’t been paid for 4 months now, I need my money. @steeven @Aa-ron

Please DM me the email connected to your account.