My new page ads on pc is different from my new page ad on phone... why

Hello! I am from Romania. I am not using a VPN. Can someone explain me why i am getting diferents ads on pc and others ads on my phone? the ads from pc are not in my CATALOG…only the ads from phone are… i have attached some photos… Can i do someting? or should i do someting?! Because i dont want to be paid only for using my phone…Most of the time i am using my pc…Thanks


I’m a little confused, are you saying you expect to see the exact same new tab page advertiser on PC and phone on the same day? Either way, the most important thing is are you receiving BAT for it? Furthermore, sometimes those ad catalogs are not very accurate at all. For example, on my Windows PC my catalogs do not show Lendingtree being a advertiser, yet I receive ads by them. Either way on Pc or mobile you should be receiving BAT for whichever ad you are served, and they will be different.

Yes, i am receiving BATS for my phone ads, but not for my pc ads, because my pc ads are not in my country catalog…this is the third day I haven’t receive Bats for new page ad on pc…

Sometimes that happens, especially when a advertisers time is up. It may take a while for a new one to appear, but it will eventually. You have received them in the past which is the most important which means at least it is supported in your country.

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