My first payout

Hello guys and gals,

My first publisher payouts is scheduled to come this 8th of February. I have already connected the uphold account with the publisher dashboard and verified with KYC. Is there anything else I have to do to receive the payout ?

It is showing reviewing for me under payout progress.

I made 2 posts here before but nobody responded. Admins please respond this time.

Hey. I’m not an administrator, but I’ll try to help you. What you described is enough for you to withdraw funds.
if you have such a payment status in the profile as in the screenshot, then you will be withdrawn funds.
Above this, the status of the bar also indicates the amount of funds that will be withdrawn.

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I also need some help about payouts but i still didnt receive a reply. Just be patient…i guess…

Yes and the good thing is: they always pay on the 8th, late evening CET, no matter if there is a working day, holiday or weekend.

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Thank you, my dashboard is showing exactly this.

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