I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a payout in progress

I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a payout in progress. When will i receive payment?

Publisher payouts are processed from the 1st – 8th of the month and payments start disseminating on the 8th (today).

We appreciate your patience.

What happens when its the day after the 8th and it stops saying payout in progress after 3 weeks of it saying payout in progress

This is the U.S. so i stayed up reading the forum last night about payments and everyone else said they got theirs so i went to sleep expecting it to be there on the 9th but when i woke up the payment dated now changes to next month after 3 weeks of saying payout in progress.

Please note that, as stated above, payments start disseminating on the 8th and will continue to do so until all transactions are complete, which may take some time.

Please be patient as we work hard to make sure everyone gets their payment. Thank you.

Okay I was just asking because Ihave been waiting almost a month already and the payout date changed. I guess I’ll just wait a year or however long it will take

Balance goes up but still no payment

Can you tell me when exactly you were Uphold verified?

I verified in or around July 21

i have same problem and uphold verified last june @Mattches

@butete @Wxyyz122,
Since verifying with Uphold, have either of you changed or had to reset your Uphold password?

yes i did reset my uphold password last june 21st , but i did received BAT on Aug 8 other than no changes was made

I did not know these account s are so sensitive i disconect my uphold wallet when it said “pay out in progress” on accident with one mouse click is that why i did not recieve my payout last month ?

i did received 20 Bat last Aug 8th

I still never received my September 8th payout. Please can someone help? Thanks

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