My creator account has been under review for 8 months and i don't know why

I sent an email several times to and a robot always replies the same message:
“Our analysis of your account(s) has led us to determine your account is in violation of the Brave terms of service. Due to this, your account(s) will remain permanently suspended”

Around 280 BAT are blocked by BRAVE…
I don’t know why and I would like to have a clear answer! Please, can a human give me an explanation, the exact reasons? Is it an arbitrary decision?

Thank you very much @steeven and @Mattches !


We do not handle suspensions here on Community.

Note that all cases are reviewed manually by real employees. If that is the message you received then that is the verdict that was reached. There is nothing else we can do for you.

Thank you.

Hi @Mattches
Thank you for the reply.
If the “verdict” is that. Why not. But not knowing why the account is blocked raises the question of transparency…
It raises another question: when I give a tip to Wikipedia (by analogy to people who tip me) nothing assures me that Wikipedia will receive my tip! it’s right?
I’m not sure that lack of transparency (with users, people who tip, contributors …) is a good long-term strategy for BRAVE.
Best regards

I don’t think your Wiki tip analogy is relevant here.
We’re talking about suspicious and/or fraudulent behavior here. So how about another analogy?

Let’s say you tried to rob a bank. You are unsuccessful in your attempt but you do manage to get away without going to jail. Do you think that if you then called the bank and asked them “Can you tell me how you guys were able to catch me?” that they would give you that information? Not likely — because you could then use that information to attempt and successfully rob the bank again.

This is this same mentality we [have to] have when it comes to suspicious activity coming from users/Creators. The more information they have as to how our systems work, the better they are able to bypass them.

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You are looking actually funny with this example😂

Can you please check ur DM I have sent you something just now so please check out

Hi @Mattches,
Thank you for your response. I am happy to have a conversation with a human!
I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you accusing me of trying to “rob” BRAVE?
Yes, the analogy is relevant here:
You know very well that when I tip Wikipedia, Wikipedia is not responsible for my action. The same goes for contributors who tip me… right?
As far as i know, the tips given amount to 280 BAT, it would be very professional of Brave to unlock the creator account…
Thank you

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