My browser BAT balance (Brave Rewards) does not appear on Uphold

Hello, I contacted Uphold support and everything is fine there. I don’t understand why my balance doesn’t appear there. I have 1,374 BATs but I can’t reach Brave support. Does this update daily or does it take a while? Accounts are synchronized.

@cavokzera you aren’t being clear as to what your issue is. For example, where are you seeing your BAT balance? When did you connect to Uphold?

Which format is it that you’re speaking of the quantity of BAT? Keep in mind Brave is based in the United States and most countries see 1,374 as you had written to be one thousand three hundred and seventy-four. That is a lot of BAT. Is it safe to assume you’re from a country that uses a comma instead of a decimal point?

Why do you say that? This is the first stop for support. People from Brave as well as community members are here to help.

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