My Brave Rewards are gone , why?

i had 1.6+ bat after sometime it changed to 0.100 i had 168 ads but the bat token changed last time also i have 2 bat it changed to half i thought it might be glitch but this happened again what to do will i ever get back by bat tokens?


can anyone solve this problem?

Me pasa exactamente lo mismo, tenia cerca de 0.789 y paso a 0.070, y había días que se descontaban bat, y tengo “Contribución Automática” desactivada.

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    Exactly the same thing happens to me, I was close to 0.789 and I went to 0.070, and there were days when bat was discounted, and I have “Automatic Contribution” disabled.
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ya i also had the auto contribution disabled but still bat tokens gone :confused:

It always happened to me, but it was never as much as today and sometimes he would tell me the first month and then he no longer added bat and it was always zero

ya it did i thought it was glitch it happened to me 2 times now all the hard work gone . :confused:

Me, too. 0.8 to 0.02 BAT

this is bad , i love brave but :confused:

Im new so I had like .3 but disappeared and no idk of I should continue using Brave

they will fix soon i think.

Hey, did you have an internet connection? If you don’t have an internet connection your tokens reset after viewing a single ad, maybe that’s the case?

Happened to me 1 day ago.
Just kidding, 3 days ago.

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Same here. Went from almost 4 BAT, to 2.3, now after updating and relaunch I’m at .35 BAT.


Rip, I don’t know if brave does this on purpose or what.

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Here too. Went from almost 2.4+ BAT, to 0.27 now :frowning:

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