My bat disappeared HELP

Hello, I am writing to you because my bat has disappeared. It had 3.39 BAT out of 312 ads shown and today it is at 0.240 BAT.

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Tengo el mismo problema, donde puedo dar aviso y solucion de esto?
Me siguen llegando anuncios pero no sube el marcador. tenia 4.5 Bats y me dejo en 0.100 siento que perdi mi tiempo.


A mi igual, me aparecen anuncios pero no aumentan y me quitaron los bats que tenia

This is very likely due to a known issue that the team is currently working on addressing:


we will have to wait to see what happens, thanks!

A mi también me sucedió. En el mes ya llevaba casi 200 anuncios y hoy solo se veían reflejados en mi cuenta 0.1 BAT

I have the same bug. First it happen on my desktop and lost 4 BATS, and now on my Android lost 2 BTS.

It would be a good idea to link brave accounts with browsers to keep that data safe in the cloud. It is clear that the meter does not work correctly

Hello support team , i am a new user of Brave, and i realized my rewards dropped under 5$ yesterday i was above 5 and today is 4$
can you explain why?

BAT value is going down

Yesterday my bat gone still not yet fixed the bug.

It is a crypto currency it fluctuates every minute

Hello maybe it will be fixed soon.
Yesterday I had earned 0 bat for 53 ads viewed on 7days
This morning I’ve got 54 bat

What for 53 ads watched you got 54BAT :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

My BAT is gone too. I don’t know why.

hmmm i have a solution uninstall brave browser and create a new wallet and forget about ur old bat, yep that’s it! start from scratch again. i wish u good luck.

My BAT decreased dramaticly too. I have viewed 213 ads, and it shows that I have .130 BATS and .14 USD this is down from.

This issue will be resolved with the following fix: