My bookmark icon disappeared

My bookmark icon disappeared and also my backspace key not working. Help please.

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Please repost (or edit your original post) to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

I have searched for like topic and have not found any.

Tell me where to post if this is incorrect please. I do not have the time to read…how many areas of info? Not easy to navigate.

Thank you for your help.

Now Brave said they can’t detect if I created account. My cookies are not blocked.

I replied to your email to validate.

I am not a youngster but have been internet savvy for decades. Why is it so hard to get an answer from help/support?

I have used Brave for approx 2 years and mostly love it. Not sure why the problems today. Is my version still operational.

Who can I call as, this is very time consuming?

Please help.


Judy Kurtz

We need additional information before we can diagnose the issue you’re encountering. For example, can you please tell me:

  • What operating system you’re using?
  • What Brave version you’re using (In Brave, go to Menu --> About Brave)
  • When exactly did this issue start to occur?
  • A screenshot of the missing Bookmarks icon

I’m on my IPad. Apple.

It worked well until one or two days ago.

Version 1.10 ( iPad Air (iOS 12.2)

I don’t know how to do a screen shot on the iPad.

At the very top where the address bar is. On the left is backspace key and next is forward key. Then there was a set of 3 or 4 small lines before the address bar.

When I clicked on the bars it opened my bookmarks. It’s not there today and yeaterday.

I already shut down this am. ThAt didn’t help.

Do you know where the icon is normally? Was I correct in my description. I have to touch backspace key many times before it works. Just started yesterday.

Do you all have telephone?

I have the same problem. Since yesterday’s update, the icon is missing. Very frustrating and impractical for one has to put several commands just to reach a simple bookmark.
Iphone, iOs 12.4,

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The iPad has more than enough “screen real estate” to have the Favorites button there.

  • Better idea to add an option in settings to display or not?

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