My 17.5 BAT disappeared yesterday

I am using brave browser from April and collected 17.5 BAT.
Now I lost 17.5 BAT yesterday. can you guys please help me!!!
Now the balance is 0BAT.
it i not even showing in my Uphold account.

I have the same here. Fifty odd Bat’s disappeared and the whole history of over one year has disappeared totally. As if I never had any action at all. Very weird.

O mesmo aconteceu comigo, tinha 6,25 e so foram pagos 0,25 6 sumiram

same with me. i, have receive 80 ads till now for this month and all the earning is gone just now and now it’s has started from the beginning. If there is any bug of any problem please tell us the problem because if this keeps on doing like this every one will get frustrated. If there is any update do let us know or else fixed the problem. @steeven

same with me, i have received 4 bat for the last month and suddenly disappeared and now in uphold it says it was contributed to brave without my knowledge, I kept the auto contribution of. but still, it was contributed don’t know who to ask

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Please DM me your wallet ID’s.