My BAT completely disappeared

My BATs have completely disappeared some 'one also has the same problem I still have 0.037 BAT at the start I was more than 0.890 BAT

Probably lost them to auto-contribute. Same thing happened to me.
Check brave://rewards-internals/

and tell me you found all your BAT after you lost them

Contacted Brave, told them about the problem, it’s been 5 days since i got any response, still no refund.
Edit: Today I got my refund. The team is working on it, it took a while, but they fixed it.

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ah bon comment t’as fait et sa durée combien de jour pour qu’ils te remboursent ?

I wrote a DM to @steeven, you will need to provide some information, he will guide you. It took about 7 days, I think they are very busy, but things got sorted out.

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