My BAT vanished

my BAT just vanished from my account. i had 3 BAT and some change, and they are not showing up, not in my wallet and not in the current earnings list. does anyone know how do i contact anyone from support ? i want my BAT. if they do such mistakes, how can i trust them with my money and buy more bat? or why should i use their browser at all ? if they steal from me?


This did just happens to me, but _ figured it was most probably due to running extensions! SUGGEST: am trying having no extensions & if it happens will let Creators & Brave know :sob:

Did had ~ 3BAT too! :sob:


Same thing happened to me! I had 4 BAT and now 3 BAT have disappeared completely. What happened? And why?


*Hey ladies and gentle men; this is a general crisis , even me since yesterday all of them just vanished, and left with zero as well but it has come to my attention that most of the time when they are making some maintenance or upgrading the system such problem imaged.

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