Do I need Uphold?

I thought signing up for a Brave Wallet would mean I could avoid using a second wallet (and third-party fees). But now I have to have an Uphold account, too? Could you please explain this? I’ve searched the internet for an hour!

it is simple
you need third-party app to withdraw your rewards
and its mandatory so you don’t have any choice
brave wallet only works when you transfer money or withdraw to it
its not working for rewards

As of now, Brave is relying on 3rd party wallets such as Uphold, Gemini.

The native Brave wallet is quite new and it is still in the works. If you read other recent threads, you will see that many transactions don’t go through and people are potentially losing their entire assets…

Yeah, I noted that. I just don’t understand what the purpose of the Brave Wallet is if you still need to use another one. I just want to make sure I don’t lose my (meager) BAT.

Thanks. This is all way over my head!

I guess you got your reply =)
You shouldn’t be losing your BAT.
If you haven’t set up a wallet, I suggest you be careful. As you can see, many people are claiming that they lost it the moment they connected with Gemini.
Uphold seems more reliable. But the longer you wait, the more likely that your BAT will be stuck in your Browser wallet as there seems to be a bug that will not transfer all your BAT, but only the recently accumulated ones…

Thanks. I don’t have enough accumulated to get an Uphold account yet. So I guess I’m stuck in this limbo, and may lose what I manage to accumulate. I guess it DID sound too good to be true…

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