Managing multiple google accounts - staying logged in

I have 1 personal google account and 2 business related google accounts. Whenever I close and open the Brave browser I have to log into my 2 business related accounts again.
Chrome had the ability to remember all 3 of my accounts after I closed the browser.
It seems like a small thing but it’s adding up to enough of a frustration that I am considering going back to Chrome…

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I guess my question is, should I wait for a solution or just go back to using chrome?

I think the issue here is that they are business accounts, in my case the only google accounts that doesn’t kept logged in are the ones that belong to my university – I guess google treat this browser as “insecure” since it is not chrome :roll_eyes:

whatever suits you better pal, if you go bat to chrome i recommend you adblocker ultimate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the reply @JohnDproof .
Sorry to hear you’re also having issues with multiple accounts in Brave.
If you’re right about Brave not being able to keep my business accounts logged in then that’s a deal breaker for me. I’ll take your advice and go back to chrome with my adblockers.
Hopefully they sort out the issue so you don’t keep getting logged out of your University accounts.

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