won't hold desktop format on Samsung A7

If I have cleared history, then open a new tab for and choose desktop format, the homepage shows in that format. If I click on an article, I read it in full page format, just like any other site. When I return to the msn homepage, it is now in what I call phone format, no scrolling news section, just 1 big article followed by other small, generally unimportant articles, all sections are in a narrow strip down the middle. Desktop format is still checked. For years it held the desktop format. That stopped in 2021. Is it msn or Brave causing the problem?

Hello @JustMe, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Besides clearing history you should also try clearing cookies and cache and then refresh. Some sites may remember via local storage or cookies, and may not change until its cleared.

In order to confirm if is only that site specifically, try testing another one for example: is a good way to confirm Desktop Mode. Hope this can help you.


Reddit does hold the format. Chrome doesn’t hold the true desktop format, but it does return to a similar one, with the scrolling news centered at the top and the remainder of of page on the left. Brave loses the scrolling news and just puts one fixed picture. Brave used to hold the actual desktop format until maybe 18 months ago. It doesn’t hold it on my Samsung phone, either. I can get it to start with the desktop format by closing the tab and clearing history, but as soon as it comes back to desktop because i opened it and checked that format, it ignores that choice the first time i leave that page to read an article, then return.

Hello again @JustMe, apologies for the delay! Is this still an issue for you?

No, it was solved. Thank you.

Sorry, I replied about the wrong one. Yes, it is still an issue.

Have you updated to the latest Brave version?

Yes. It works in desktop mode as long as you don’t click on anything. This has been an issue for a really long time and on 2 different tablets.

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