Facebook mobile webpage

Hello folks. So, Facebook mobile webpage had a update to the new layout. It’s very choppy. On the default Samsung internet, it’s the old layout and works fine. Anyone else have this issue? I’m using Samsung s22, latest updates, stable version of brave, all up to date. I try not use apps, I prefer to use brave for everything. Thanks

Hello @Robo65, thank you for sharing with us your concern. Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? If it does not work you can try using Brave Beta or Nightly to see if this behavior persists in those versions. hope it helps Regards.

I tried that, and tried the beta version of brave. This is what they new layout looks like.

Hello @Robo65 Is this still an issue for you? Did you try Brave nightly as well?

Hi matey. Yeah, happening on nightly as well. I cleared the data, cookies and stuff, but same issue. It’s a chromium issue, as it happened on Google chrome. I’m not sure how the mobile webpage updates, becouse on Samsung internet, it’s the old layout.

Samsung internet browser will eventually show the same layout — I’m actually not super clear on why it’s showing the old layout at all, considering that the design is handled on the site side.

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