Most pages don't load correctly

I’ve been using Brave for a while now and over the course of many versions, I’ve noticed that the first time I open a page, either via a link, favorite, etc., the page won’t be displayed properly, I have to press F5 to get it to look right. Even when I wen to this site the page didn’t load correctly. I’d appreciate it if someone could tell me why this is happening and how to fix it.

Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Do you have Brave running at full screen?
Or reduced size window? Or both?

Have you cleared the cache and retry?
Do pages render fine in Private mode?

Can you provide a screenshot of the Brave window with a page not rendered correctly…


It’s running at full screen usually but sometimes I resize it.

After clearing the cache, the pages do appear to be loading correctly for a few days but today (Sunday, 10/18) some pages are not rendering properly and I’ve attached two screenshots.


I’m still having periodic issues with various pages not rendering properly.

  1. Some pages are already open and I’m refreshing them after a day
  2. Other pages are opened either from my favorites or typed in the address bar
    As I previously mentioned, I cleared the cache, and it did help for a few days before returning to this state.
    The issue still exists in private mode.
    I’ve included the pages I frequently visit and have rendering issues but there are plenty more pages having this issue.


Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you try disabling them (at least temporarily) and see if this causes the pages to load as intended?


Have a similar issue, usually happens on a news site such as or, where ypu get the plain text version. Switching off Shield does not help.

Various devices, latest versions, Android 10, W10.


I’ve disabled my extensions but I’m still having the same issue.

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Do you use a dedicated VPN?

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Nope, I’m using an internet (dedicated) connection.

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Lets try a couple things and observe the behavior:

  • It doesn’t seem like Hardware Acceleration but you may also want to try that – disable HWA in Settings (Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration) and see if this sites load differently/properly.
  • Try creating a new browser profile (Menu --> Create Profile) and see if the same sites giving you issues persist in the new profile.
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Most of us only post on forums as a last result of exhausting everything else, SO, BEFORE all you wanna be geek techs start asking a bunch of moronic questions about if this is running or that is running or have I turned this off or that off. LET it be known everything was fine, webpages loaded, downloads worked properly, links loaded when clicked and nothing has changed EXCEPT Brave (with updates) after the last few updates more and more webpages fail to function properly EVEN after a CLEAN install of BRAVE, with everything turned off that could possibly be causing this problem… BUT, I believe this is caused by more and more websites declaring BRAVE as un UNSUPPORTED browser and therefore that page doesn’t load, OR it behaves really badly… I have been using BRAVE for a very long time and the web pages I have bookmarked before worked absolutely FINE. and then one by one they stop functioning, I contacted websites and am told quite frequently that they do NOT support BRAVE. After every fail on a website, from .com, .net, .gov to .whatever… I have to click refresh several times BEFORE anything will happen and then I follow up with a test run of FireFox on the same page with absolutely no problems. It’s not my internet, It’s not my computer, It’s not my software, IT’s brave browser. It’s time to stop UPGRADING with useless bells and whistles and get back to what made BRAVE the choice browser.

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Thanks for taking the time to write all that out – I’m sure it took you a lot of time and effort. I’ll do my best to respond to what’s relevant here:

  1. "SO, BEFORE all you wanna be geek techs start asking a bunch of moronic questions"
    There is absolutely no reason for you to be speaking this way to anyone on this forum. This is a place people come to get help with issues or to help others with them. Continue to be rude in this way without cause and I will ban you without batting an eyelash.

  2. "BUT, I believe this is caused by more and more websites declaring BRAVE as un UNSUPPORTED browser and therefore that page doesn’t load, OR it behaves really badly"
    If this was the case, then why don’t I also see an uptick in issues with websites? I haven’t seen one single website that “doesn’t support” Brave – this includes websites where other users have reported that that is the case for them. So while it may be true that some sites implement mechanisms to detect things like ad/script blocking which could cause incompatibility with that site(s), it’s highly unlikey that this is the only cause, or even the main cause. Thanks for your opinion though.

  3. "I contacted websites and am told quite frequently that they do NOT support BRAVE. After every fail on a website, from .com, .net, .gov to .whatever… I have to click refresh several times BEFORE anything will happen"
    Part of the trouble with web compat. issues is the fact that the problem can be born from many different causes. This is why it’s very important to provide us with as much information surrounding the issue as possible. For example, you just mentioned that Brave “fails” on a bunch of sites, then listed a ton of top-level domains, which tells us absolutely nothing. However, if we have the name of some specific sites that you’re encountering issues with, we can log issues and submit fixes for them. Further, this will inherently assist other people who may be encountering the same issue on the same site, or a similar issue on another.

  4. "It’s time to stop UPGRADING with useless bells and whistles and get back to what made BRAVE the choice browser."
    If we did that, you’d have a bland, featureless, boring web browser without any useful functionality – if that’s what you want, you can download Internet Explorer here. Just about every piece of software written and used is upgraded, edited and evolves over time – I would actually challenge you to find any popular app, program, site, or game that does not perform any updates/enhancements to their product. Further, if you set features aside, every browser update contains important security fixes and/or enhancements that keep you safe while browsing. So no, we will not “stop upgrading”.

If you are having issues with websites not loading or loading incorrectly, open a topic here on Community and provide us with as much information as possible and we would be more than happy to help resolve them. This is just a complaint – which you’re more than welcome to have, but it won’t really solve anything.

Lastly, I’d like to point out that often times, even if your setup has been the same since installing the browser, some settings may cause sites or features to behave differently depending on website visited, changes to the browser, changes to web security and/or web protocols, underlying Chromium code, etc. Earlier today, a user reported an issue with Youtube displaying strangely as of today. The issue was resolved by doing exactly that – one setting was changed, and everything is now working as intended.

So not only are these questions we ask not “moronic” because troubleshooting issues requires information which is not always given (as you’ve demonstrated for us here in this thread), but also because the answer to those questions may in itself resolve the issue.

Thanks and have a great day.

Thx @Mattches, I appreciate the help.

I tried both of your suggestions but they didn’t work; in both cases when I opened a new page, it was completely blank.

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Would you mind sharing a few of the exact URLs you’re using that are coming up blank just so that I can check on my end?

Sure, This forum only allows 4 links (weird) so here are the first four :

Here are two more links:

Thanks – also that’s an oddly specific number for links, I’ll see what I can do about that.

So I was able to view all of those sites without any issues. I also changed my Shields settings to see if I could get the site to display the way you do, but without any luck. This feels like an extension issue, but if you tried creating a new profile (which starts with no browsing data and no extensions installed/enabled) and the issue still persisted then I guess it can’t be.

This may seem like a little much but can you try downloading our Beta Build and see if sites appear as normal for you? Note that downloading/installing/running the Beta will not overwrite or delete your current Brave installation or any of it’s associated data – everything will be safe.

Hiya Mattches… PLEASE PLEASEE I am beggin here dont ban me I really need all the super wonderful help you can give The specialist NEED to start giving people a little bit more credit for knowing just a bit more that you think we do. And being off the brave team means you don’t use the same program that we download… what you say about not being support is like CALLING everyone who reports that a liar just BECAUSE you can’t recreate the issue as reported, ON YOUR SYSTEM which is TOTALLY different than the person reporting the issue. There comes a time when you have so many enhancements they may be counter acting against each other in ways you have no idea you put in one enhancement for protection but then you spy on people to track their rewards… The real reason SOFTWARE gets update is to try and keep consumers interested in your product. HUMANS bore easily with the same old BELLS and whistles they need new shiney flashy stuff or they feel cheated. A software Fix is usually for mistakes or exploits in you program that USERS have pointed out for YOU. BRAVE was great when it was BLAND and normal with fantastic privacy protection… THEN you try to entice everyone into the BRAVE rewards system which basically counters any privacy protection people think they have. Give me and those of us who like simpler things, access to lets say the build that was around 12/2019, I think that was the last time I had any real issues with it. Some of us prefer the older, RELIABLE model to the new shiny stuff… OH, and by the way, please

I took some time this weekend to do the following:

  • I checked the new profile and the extensions were automatically installed.

    • I disabled all of the extensions and still had rendering issues.
    • I removed all of the extensions and still had rendering issues.
  • I installed the beta build and it automatically installed all of my extensions;

    • I have rendering issues.
    • I closed all tabs then removed the extensions, this time the pages rendered properly.
  • I went back to the main profile and disabled all extensions. One by one I enabled the extensions and for 3 days, all pages rendered properly until this morning (11/2/20) were several pages are not rendering properly.

    • I checked the Beta build, which doesn’t have any extensions, and it’s working fine.
    • I went back to the public build and started to fiddled with the extensions. The one I think is causing the issue is called The Great Suspender and I believe it’s a specific setting called “Automatic deactivation of any kind of tracking” that’s causing the issue. I’m gonna continue to monitor and test.
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Hello @QuietBeat

if you found that all the extension are fine they try this

hope that help and have a nice day