More than one month without ads

I installed brav eand im getting adds for the for the first month and half, now iam near of two months i didnt receive ads. I checked all the suggestions and i tryed activating again all to look if braves react but nothing, my friends in the same country are getting ads, and i dont understand why, this need to be checked and fixed for support team.

That is a bug or glitch, either way that’s weird.

I posted about the same thing, im new and had no ads since joining.

Ive enabled ads and 5 per hour in browser.
enabled notifications in setting
enabled brave notifications.
disabled focus assist.
tested i can get push notifications on this site and they come through straight away.

Theres just no ads coming to me it would appear which is strange as im in UK and there is loads.

Same issue with me in Australia.

Just started receiving ads today out of the blue this only happened when i created a new profile for some strange reason.

new profile where? can u explain what you did?

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