Mobile P40 Pro not compatible with Brave, can't either find Brave on it's Play Store

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Description of the issue:
Play Store doesn’t show the Brave app when i seach for it, in the Play Store. It simply offers me a list of other browsers.
When i try to install Brave from the site, i have to sign-in with my google account, then appears a list of the mobile phones i had, asking on which one i want to install brave: but in the list it appears that the mobile i am using is “not compatible” with brave.
My mobile is named P40 Pro (NOT Huawei). It is simply “P40 Pro”, bought it on-line very cheap. The android version is 10.0, i had the possibility to install Google, but not “Google Maps”: i had to install “Google Maps Go”, for example. Because “Google Maps” was not installed and i can’t find in Play Store as well as “Brave”.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Play Store on mobile, in it’s search bar look for “brave browser”
  2. Play Store answers offering a list of other browsers, like, Chrome, but Brave is not existing there
  3. if i try to install Brave from site, it comes out that my mobile is “not compatible” with Brave

Expected result:
to install Brave on my mobile

Brave Version( check About Brave):
any version of Brave would be fine for me, but i can’t install any.

Mobile Device details
“P40 Pro” (not Wawei), no other names or brands: i bought it very cheap on a chinese platform. Android version 10.0; CPU model MT6889 Deca core; version kernel 3.4.67 yuchun@yuchun #1

Additional Information:
sorry for making a new topic but i didn’t find anything similar already present here. Thanks a lot in any case

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