Brave support for Android 7

I have been using brave until recently I did a phone reset and found brave is no longer compatible with my phone. I did a quick search and found another thread for the same issue and announcing chrome will be it too, although at this moment it’s still compatible (or at least available on the play store), so now I’m once again stuck on chrome.

Why couldn’t be brave available as well?

@Ramonrt Android 7 support has been sunsetted for everyone, even Chrome.

Google abandoned Android 7 and so too has everyone else.

No it’s not. What’s interesting is they did set it up on Play Store to look at your phone and determine last available. It also then shows support. But like when I go to the About this app you’ll see information like below:


You’ll see it doesn’t show a particular version. They’ll link you to whatever the last known version of Chrome was for your device. This is just something Google is doing as they want to make sure people using their Android devices have a browser. However, you won’t be able to update it to the newest version or anything.

And if I were to try to get Chrome on my old Android, it says I’m required to have Android 10 or higher to get Chrome.


Unlike Google that has thousands of developers and earns billions of dollars, Brave is on a much smaller scale. Places like Google also restrict what apps can do on Play Store. They aren’t going to build out a bunch of different versions and try to keep deprecated apps alive. You can always go to the Github and add the APK for last known version to your device, which is similar to what Chrome might do for you on the store, but that’s about the closest you’ll get.

Hi, thank you for your quick and detailed reply, I was expecting none at all

Indeed they do make you believe it’s still compatible by keeping the last version compatible with the device on the play store, until they remove it, or so I think

Somehow I missed you can download any apk from the official repository, I will do that thank you!

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