I cant install Brave anymore and can't find older versions

Hey so I was using Brave for many months, however I never updated it (I installed it in 2021), well, yesterday, I uninstalled it and when I went to reinstall it on the play store, it was not there. I tried finding APKs but they weren’t compatible with my device (Samsung Galaxy j max).
I would appreciate if someone could point me to a website or link where I can download an older version of brave compatible with my device.

My android version is 5.1.1
Device name is Galaxy J Max


Don’t use too much older versions of a browser. There are security and privacy risks of doing it.

If the current brave browser is not compatible with your device, try to use another browser.

You’re gonna need to dig around as it has nightly, beta, and release branches. Release branch is the most stable. Also, you’ll probably want the Bravemonoarm or Bravemonoarm64 apks…

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