Mobile IOS Youtube videos not streaming in any quality higher than 360P

Title describes issue. I am running the latest version of Brave and updated my phone to the latest IOS version as well. It’s been stuck on 360P for a little under a month now on every video.

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Can you link a sample video you have problems with?

It is true. The same appr time ago - a month. Only 360 however previously was available 720p. But it started to happen on any browser on iOS (Brave, Safari etc).
What I found interesting that on old slow phone running lineage21 youtube is 1080p. :man_shrugging:t2:
Really interesting who created this problem for iPhone users: Apple or Google…
My iPhone 7 ios 15.8.2 latest Brave 1.66.2

Somebody face it, somebody no. For me re-installing Brave did not helped.
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We tried to reproduce it but no luck. The linked video we see in 1080p quality without problems