Update 1.23.76 Broke Tab Group Navigation Bar

Description of the issue:
There is a navigation bar that appears at the bottom when tab groups are enabled and you have the address bar up top. When a tab group was initialized this bar would appear and hold the icons of all the tabs in the group so you could switch to them quickly. There was also a little x on the currently selected tab’s icon so you could close it quickly. Now, ever since the 1.23.76 update, space is allocated at the bottom for that bar (the horizontal scroll bar is shifted upward) when a tab group is started however the bar never appears.

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Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Android 11

Additional details


Confirming same issue on Android 9, Cherry Mobile Flare S8. New tab groups were working great until last Friday when it updated to 1.23.76.

Can confirm the same issue. I am running Android 11 on a Oneplus 7 Pro.

It seems tab groups navigation bar is broken only if you disable bottom toolbar


Tagging someone from the Android team to look into this and pass it on or whatnot.

@Wiggly thank you for tagging me.
I personally have never seen this “tab group bar” so I’m not entirely clear on why this is happening. I’ve reached out to Android team for more information – thank you all for reporting. I’ll reply here when I know more.

We’ve opened an issue for this here:

Thank you all again for reporting

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I see that the issue has been fixed on the linked GitHub page, but is it still not available as an update for the Android app? I don’t see any way to update it.

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Anxiously awaiting the next update. This bug is annoying AF for those of us who don’t like bottom toolbar (tho it might be growing on me).


This has been fixed in the latest update.

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