Missing HNT Withdrawal from Binance to Brave Wallet

Hey Brave team,

I have withdrawn 160.8052 HNT successfully (confirmed by Binance + the wallet address was correct) on April 21, 2023, but I still have not received any new transaction in the Brave wallet. I made sure I used the Solana (SOL) network on my desktop. The version is 1.50.121.

Please let me know where my HNT went.

Is HNT added in visible assets?

No, not at all. I checked and still nothing.

You need to add HNT in visible assets then it hsould show up.

How do I do that if you don’t mind explaining it to me? Thank you so much

Oh wait never mind. I just checked my wallet. It somehow showed the exact amount of HNT I bought now. I guess the Brave team saw my post and helped me out lol. Thank you SmartyAadi!

Glad to know that your issue’s been solved.
Just as a heads up
You can go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio/add-asset
to add an asset

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