Improve 'top sites' section on home screen

Representing the most frequent sites you use, combined with large, friendly icons, the ‘top sites’ interface on the home screen is really handy. However, I think it could be greatly improved with the following 3 adjustments:

  1. Allow users to add/remove their own top sites (manually)
  2. Allow for more than 6.
  3. Allow users to drag & drop sort/re-order

And to a lesser degree:

  1. Allow users to create ‘groups’ of icons (and add labels), to categorize top sites.

I realize this is encroaching on just being a bookmarks manager, but I personally see them as something very different (bookmarks being more inclusive/exhaustive).

I gave up on that happening. People have wanted most of those items for over 2 years now and nothing has changed. I resorted to use yet another extension to ad functionality to Brave Speed Dial 2 New tab or Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D

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They should add special bookmarks folder called top sites and bookmarks in this folder would be displayed on the new tab page as top sites. They should also add option to hide suggested sites (due to privacy).

They should add shortcuts to settings, bookmarks, history, downloads, passwords etc. to the left or right top corner of the new tab page too because they are very useful.

They should do a lot of things.

They have only recently fixed Sync V2 which was necessitated because Syncv1 was so broken it was causing issues in Brave. Sync v2 in beta and dev versions now apparently shows Open Tabs on other devices now. Before it was only showing the last 4 manually entered URLS. This was something I spotted when I was testing the beta back in Jul/Aug 2020 but could not get any response here on the community why I was seeing this. Only after posting a bug report on GitHub did I find out that was a known issue but was how Sync v2 was going to function. Now 4 months later

This end user, has no interest in BAT or crypto, but wants a browser to function properly for the 18 hrs a day that it is being used. I often wonder how many of Brave’s reported active users are only using Brave simply for earning BAT and the money that it earns which has fallen drastically.

I also wonder whether the browser functionality and support are spread thin due to also having to look after BAT payout / missing BAT etc. Due to these issues, I frankly waffle a lot between using Brave and MS Edge Chromium as my default browser. I have no strong allegiance to any particular browser and support is something that I need to have when I find issues.

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These are good suggestions and match what’s possible in Firefox. As it currently functions, it’s practically unusable since you can’t count on a site to even be continually displayed. The sites should be able to be added, pinned, moved, edited, and significantly increased in number, just as they have been for a long time in Firefox. I’m looking forward to the new functionality.

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Yup I gave up on Brave doing this on their own and installed yet another extension this one to fix NewTab page.