Not enough Top Sites on main Browser new page

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1.Top sites on new tab page does not offer enough top sites to list. (6 only)
2. Need to be able to change an icon on the top site instead default.
3.Would like to be able to edit the url for the top site.

Expected result: More top sites and editable

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brand new install latest version.

Additional Information: I am a power user and use a lot more topsites daily


This would be a welcome upgrade…more Top Sites offered and to be able to customize. Thanks Brave!

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I also would like to see more and editable Top Sites. 6 is really a minimal amount.

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YES! Need more than 6. In Firefox I have 18 I use regularly. This would be effortless to implement. Seriously.

We have the following additions in the works. that should satisfy your needs:


That great news, exactly what I was looking for today :partying_face:

However, may I share my view that a maximum of 12 icons feels a bit limited.
I would feel comfortable with at least 3 rows (18 icons) and I could use 4 rows (24 icons).
Also, I would ideally make use of the maximum rows (say 5 or 6) in “most visited” mode and have the ability to pin the first 2 or 3 rows as my favorites. In my case, first 2 rows would be pinned as favorites and the remaining rows populated as “most visited”, but that’s just me I guess.

In any case, I’m looking forward to this code change and want to heartfully thank the devs for the hard work, it clearly is a step in the right direction :heart:


Good addition, but yeah was surprisingly low. Even MySpace had the top 8 friends if memory serves lol

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