Missing bottom toolbar

How to turn on bottom toolbar when running Brave on Windows 10?
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Clean install of Brave browser on Windows 10
  2. Look for customize, settings, bookmarks, history, private call icons at bottom of window. Icons not there
  3. Search settings to figure out how to turn them on. No success.

**Expected result:*Turn on bottom toolbar *

**Brave Version( **): v1.51.114

**Additional Information:*I have screen shots of Brave in Windows (no bottom toolbar) and Ubuntu (bottom toolbar present)


@bustergrey You’re on two different pages. On the top one that’s blank, you’re on brave://apps. On the one that has the bar you’re pointing out, you’re on your Dashboard, which has no URL or anything and the tab itself will say New Tab and will not say anything like Apps such as the top screenshot says.

And yeah, what you’re calling the “bottom toolbar” are things that exist only on Dashboard.

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Hi Saoiray:
Thanks for your quick response.
I set the new tab option to dashboard but it doesn’t seem to make an difference. New tabs still open with the brave://aps URL. In fact it doesn’t seem to matter if I choose homepage, dashboard or blank page. New tabs always open to brave://aps.
I must be missing a step. What am I doing wrong?

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@Mattches would this make sense to you?

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How are you opening new tabs?

Are you using any extensions?

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EDIT: Found it! I disabled “show apps in new tab” and the dashboard appeared on the next new tab.

Answer before edit:
Clicking the “+” at the top of the page, selecting new tab from the menu, or ctrl-t. Same result for all.
Brave picked up a couple of extensions when I installed it. (I don’t remember actively turning them on.)
Malware bytes and DuckDuckGo.
I turned them off but the new tab behavior remains the same.


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