Missing BAT after latest release (desktop)

Hello. I just noticed that more than half of my BAT (pending rewards) were gone after updating to the latest version on desktop (v1.22.72), on macOS Catalina. It went from 3.865 to 1.465 right after relaunching the browser. It is not much, I know, but I just wanted to know why. I haven’t changed anything in my settings before or after updating.

I came across this reply from Steeven, would it be due to this bug ?

Thanks a lot for your help. Love the browser otherwise :wink:

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Hello @wantumeni

if you did not enable the auto contribution then this bug you mention is the cause for your issue

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @justsomeone1 , thanks for your reply. Auto-contribution is disabled so I guess it comes from the bug. Any idea when it will be solved and if we ever going to see our BAT again?
Have a nice day!

you very welcome @wantumeni i do not know when they will release a fix as i am just user like you and if after the fix you still has issue you can report that so the team check your case

hope the fix coming soon and thanks a lot and you too :slight_smile:

Thanks @justsomeone1 , I’ll keep an eye on here in case they post something related in the upcoming days or weeks. At least they’re aware of it and are trying to find a solution, hopefully it is solved before the next payment day. I’ll keep you posted :wink: Enjoy!

you very welcome @wantumeni :slight_smile:

Any news @steeven regarding the issue? Do you think it will be solved before the next payment date and if we’ll get our missing BAT back? Thanks for your help.

guys i had 2.7 bat it decreased to 2.4 how?

This happened so many times , and in other profiles too from 2 bat to 0.040 bat

Hopefully they’ll manage to find a long-term solution. Let’s not loose faith in the project because of that :wink: although i admit it is annoying / surprising to see your BAT disappear for no reasons.

Ya its annoying but this need to be fixed permanently @steeven pls fix these bugs

me also. last night my estimated pending was suddenly reset to zero… what to do?

@krisaries1 unfortunately there is nothing to do, I’m sure support will find a permanent solution very soon. I will keep you all posted if I receive a reply from them regarding the issue. I’ll keep an eye on the Brave subreddit too, some useful info are usually shared there.

After update Brave to version 1.23.73 yesterday, I lost more than 19 BATs.

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Soon they will fix it i think dont worry tho i lost 10 bat i wish they will fix permanently

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Same problem with my Catalina. Bats for April were not paid. My 2 other browser did, but, they are on windows

Interesting, would the issue only be on macOS? @FrenchW Did your BAT disappear from your estimated rewards pending or did you not get paid for April? The problem is not the same… Maybe another topic might help you solve the issue of payment for last month.

They disappeared from my all 3 systems (2 win, 1macOS), but I only received 2 rewards on my Uphold wallets. In march, I received 3 rewards as expected (with some delay, but, OK)

Hopefully support will find a solution, I can see that a lot of people are in the same situation. I will keep looking on other channels such as reddit or twitter if they communicate about it :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Any news regarding this issue @steeven (or someone else)?