Missed January Payment Question

I have two devices that I have attached to my Brave Rewards Uphold account. I just realized that I never got paid for my second device on my laptop in January (for December), because somehow my Uphold account got detached from Brave Browser.

It had me go through the “Human Verification” when I attached it back. I was curious if I will get those with my February (for January) rewards or I will get them as soon as they’re processed.

Thanks for your help. I love Brave! :slight_smile:

@TheGreighCanary ,
Yes, once you link your wallet, all funds you have earned you should transfer into your Uphold account.

I’m assuming it isn’t instantaneous and that there’s a processing time?

@TheGreighCanary ,
Correct – you should receive everything on the next payout date.

Perfect. Thank you! I hope you are doing well.

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You can close this ticket.

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